About Us

I have been involved with animals from a young age. As a child my family had Heinz 57 pet dogs and a German Shepherd Dog.
As a teenager I bred & showed rabbits, and was a committee member of Nottingham Fur Fanciers Association. This led to me stewarding and eventually judging.
My main interest was horses. My first horse was Harvey, a 16.1hh hunter who I had on loan. During my teens I worked as a groom and it was at this time that I came to own my first horse.
San Diego ( Sandy ) was a 15.3hh black mare who I had for 12 years until she passed away aged 24 years old. Sandy also moved to Wales with me during my time as a groom at a dressage yard.
On return to Nottinghamshire I purchased a black filly foal, Miyya Miracle (Miyya) who I still have. 
Friesians have always been my favourite breed and in 1998 I travelled to Friesland in the Netherlands and purchased a pure bred filly foal, Tinka Fan Rana ( Rana ). My involvement with Friesians’ escalated and I was Secretary of The Friesian Horse Association of Great Britain & Ireland for 4 years.
In the past Miyya & I have competed in Dressage, In Hand & Ridden Showing, Endurance, Le Trec & Combined Training. Miyya also produced a fabulous coloured filly foal, (Reijaa Rainbow) in 2002. 
Alongside my permanent horses, I have also bought and sold youngsters after breaking them in & schooling on. 
I had a German Spitz Mittel who I had a go at showing with, but my main breed was Border Collies.
It was when my last Border Collie Gemma was 16 that I decided we needed another dog and I fulfilled my childhood dream of having a Beagle. My non-animal passion is skiing, especially in Alberta, Canada.

Miyya left me heartbroken on 1st April 2018, when we said our final goodbyes, and whilst there will never be another that could possibly fill her place we welcomed 2 beautiful American Miniature Horses to our Rundle family.

I am the partner of Samantha.
Never had a dog before due to my father not liking them.
Born in Nottingham. I am a keen snowboarder and skiier. In Canada I can be usually spotted wearing my nice warm bear hat!

Our Kennel Name

The picture to the left is of Mount Rundle which overlooks the townsite of Banff in Alberta, Canada.  This beautiful mountain was perfect for our registered kennel name and all our home bred beagles carry the affix "Rundle"


​Litter Names

We try to keep a theme to the registered names we give each litter of puppies.

So far we have managed to find names relating to our favourite holiday destinations.

Our litters can be seen on our puppy page