Cassie x Randal puppies born 16th July 2021
1 tan and white bitch, 1 tri dog and 5 tan and white dogs
Tri boy is available!!!!!
or phone 0115 9525125

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Birth details.jpg

Charlotte x Dufosee Xanto At Bellvalley puppies born 6th July 2021
3 tri dogs, 3 tan and white dogs and 2 tri bitches

1 day old collage.jpg

Charlotte x Annavah Phoenix babies born 13th May 2020
                               5 tri boys and 3 tri girls 


Betty x Randal babies born 3rd August 2016

3 tri boys and 2 tan and white girls

Sparkle  x Randal babies born 5th May 2016

5 girls and 3 boys

Bella & Randal babies born 9th March 2015

4 boys and 3 girls


Sparkle and Randal babies born Christmas Day 2014 !!

5 girls and 3 boys, all tri coloured.

Puppies born on 10th July 2013

This is Poppy's last litter and amazingly she gave birth to them on her own birthday.


Rundle Iso ~ Bodie

Bella and Oscar became parents for the first time on 12th June 2011.

Bella had 9 puppies, 5 dogs and 4 bitches. 

From this litter we kept Rundle Tiramisu - Sparkle and Rundle Cappuccino - Jasper.

Rundle Navona - Chaser

Rundle Marocchino - Monty

Rundle Vetrina - Connie

Rundle Cicero - Wandle

Rundle Topolino - Rascal

Rundle Kailua - Dudley 

Rundle Kona - Barnaby

Poppy gave birth to her second litter on 13th April 2010.She was mated to Champion Dialynne Musketeer and had 4 dogs & 3 bitches. 

This litter were all given Hawaiian names.

Rundle Kapiolani ( Polly ) far right has joined Bracken ( Rundle Kootenay ) far left

Pictured with Oscar, Sister Bella in the centre and mum Poppy centre right.

Rundle Ko'Lina - Holly

Rundle Kealia - Missy

Rundle Kualoa - Oscar

Rundle Kilauea - Buddy

Rundle Kamloops - Meg

Rundle Kootenay - Bracken

Poppy's first litter was born on 19th August 2008.

She was mated to Champion Nedlaw Barbarian, and had 6 pups, 5 bitches and 1 dog.

From this litter we kept the only broken tri who we named Bella - registered name Rundle Kokanee. All the names from this litter were connected with Western Canada


Rundle Keoma - Miley

Rundle Kelowna - Miley Moo

 Rundle Drumheller