Show critiques for 2014


LKA 14/12/14

                           Good tri whom I judged in March at an open show, he took my eye then & has matured well since,

                                       of the right size & overall balance & proportions, pleasing bone & good body,

                            well ribbed back, well angulated hindquarters which he uses to show pleasing drive from behind,

                                                                                  carries himself well in profile

                                                                                       David Craig (Davricard)

   South Yorkshire Hound  6/12/14

                 Quality without anything too flashy, this 16 month tri boy is just lovely. He has a super head, dark eye, strong & good length to neck, great front assembly & depth to chest, powerful loin, & well angulated rear. Good bone throughout. Even topline, held firm on the move.  Moved extremely well, & shown in tip top condition. BOB              

                                                                                   Charlotte Ayres-Cousins

                                                                    Beagle Club 15/11/14

                           Tri boy 15 months & maturing well. Pleasing head with correct earset. Good depth of chest, round bone. 

                         Level topline held on the move with correct tailset. Good rear action, good turn of stifle & moving out freely

                                                                                             Nikki Peterson

West Mercia Beagle Club 2/11/14

           15 months and an exciting prospect. Great moving dog and this comes from excellent front shoulder and upper arm,

               giving scopey reach in front and driving well from rear. He could be a little shorter in couplings but really houndy 

                          with a quality head and expression, with full maturity he should go far. Pressed hard in the challenge.

                                                                                               Frank Kane

Midland Counties 24/10/14

          Classic blanket tri, nicely put together. Masculine head, well flewed muzzle, good dark eye. Correct shoulder placement.

                                     Moved well with drive from good quarters. Well placed tail that he used on the move

Anne Tofts

Hillsborough 19/10/14

                         Dog with good bone, balanced head, ears of good length, nice length of neck into well laid shoulders,

                                good spring of rib & level topline, tight feet & strong muscular rear showing in his movement

Roger Crooks

Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club 18/10/14

Presents a lovely overall picture. Masculine, well balanced head of good length and substance. Correct stop and well filled foreface, large dark eye and well set leathers all combined give the desired expression. Shoulders well laid back, good upper arm, straight front with correct bone for a male. Good length of neck, Level topline, which he held on the move, good spring of rib, well bent stifles & neat hocks. Moved correctly front and rear and has very good reach and drive. Well presented.


Lesley Chalmers

Devon, Cornwall & South West Beagle Society 5/10/14

Well turned out faded blanket try, masculine head, dark eye with good pigment, long leathers & neck length, level topline & correct tailset. Solid bone & when stacked displayed good front & good turn of stifle, gave excellent rear angulation which enabled him to drive round ring circuit, tight feet with short nails expertly handled 

                                                 Jim Linden


Welsh Beagle Club 28/9/14

A sturdy compact tri dog who was shown to best advantage

by his handler. He has correct angulation behind & a balanced

outline with good spring of rib. A lovely expression & moved 

parallel both ways with a free easy stride.

He has a level topline & very good tail set.

Overall a super young male beagle who could work all day.

Dog Challenge Certificate

Samantha Goldberg

Driffield 20/9/14

Masculine well-proportioned head with a melting expression.

Correct in neck & front assembly. Compact in body with very

good ribbing. Firm in topline with a well set stern. Correct in

bone with neat compact feet. Won this class on his free & easy

movement displaying good reach & drive & holding his outline

on the go around. Presented in good order                                              Randal DCC and his sire Ozzy, RDCC at Welsh BC

Martin Sanders


Four Counties Beagle Club 13/9/14

tri, compact hound, well defined stop, correct earset, good reach of neck, level top, compact,

stern held on the move with good angulation, plenty of drive

Les Mitchell

Leicester 25/8/14

Compact & quite solid. Mature for his age. Delightful temperament Good head, correct ear set, good strong jaw, correct bite, dark clear eye. Neck of correct length, good shoulders, straight strong front with a good forechest. Strong feet, well developed brisket. Good topline & croup with good tailset. Pleasing in rear angulation

Nina Fleming (Chandhally)   


Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club 23/8/14

Excellent young dog, good lay of shoulder giving him the correct reach in front,

good length of neck, shown in good hard condition, should have a bright future

                           Doug Hall                              


Paignton 3/8/14

Hound of nice size with balanced outline & good proportions. Appealing expression. Held topline on the move,

well bent stifles & quarters. Moved true coming & going. Happy showman. In time expect him to trouble the best.

Debbie Taylor


Glamorous yet masculine, beautiful eye and expression, well made all through, well balanced with good layback of shoulder and bend of stifle with strong level topline. So very sound and positive on the move. Most exciting

Miss G Jane Lilley ( Junior Stakes )


Houndshow 2/8/14

Lovely head with melting expression, good topline, deep chest, 

well angulated rear with nice short thick tail. Has good profile.

Gavin Robertson (Soletrader)


Alfreton & District 27/7/14


Leeds 25/7/14

Good head & expression. Compact & tidy.

Moved well up & down & in profile.

Good straight front & neat feet.

Good neck running into well set shoulder.

Level topline. Good hard muscle RDCC

Mandy Dance

Wombwell 12/7/14
Young tri male. Sturdy, alert dog. Clean head, free of any wrinkle, well shaped dark eye, good defined stop, wide open nostrils, with dark pigmentation. Level topline, well muscled & supple loin. Nicely muscled hindquarters & ample bend at stifle. Good size. BP, PG2
Mrs J Kay (Kaytian)
East of England 6/7/14

Attractive head, eye and expression, totally honest to go over, compact and in good condition, level back, good tailset which I considered just long enough, shapely hindquarters which produced sound free easy action.  BPD

Stuart Mallard

Windsor 26/6/14

What a cracking future prospect for the males. Rich in colour & in lovely coat condition & tight jacket, so clean in front & rear action & covered so much ground while barely breaking into a sweat. Classy in head, gorgeous eye shape & hazel in colour, it was masculine enough but not overdone. Didn’t make the best of himself on the slippery table but once he had the grip of the grass between his toes, there was no stopping him. Look forward to seeing him when he has matured.

Exceptionally well handled & presented. Seriously considered for the RCC. BPD

Marina Scott



Blackpool 21/6/14
Sound mover from both ways & covering the ground. Correct head proportions,
good depth through the body, well handled & presented
Darren Fellows
Border Union 15/6/14
A worthy winner. Short well ribbed tri, plenty of bone & bend of stifle, good tail carriage
Alf Woods (Almarda)
Scottish Beagle Club Championship Show 15/6/14
A striking tri moving out well for his handler. 

Lovely head and expression good reach of neck, level topline and strong quarters.

Good depth of body, and good tail set. Pleased to be able to award him BPIS with my co judge


Barbara Roderick (Baterhound)
Ashfield 8/6/14

Typy 10 months tri boy with a good head & expression, correct mouth & strong jaw, good front, strong loin, excellent quarters giving him a good, even propulsion, holding his topline on the move. BP, BOB & pleased to see he went on to win PG2

Penny Sands
Exciting prospect who cannot stand wrong. Very sound. Holds his tail well & shows very good overall balance.
Absolutely fit for function PG2
Andrew Leonard
Beagle Club Championship Show 7/6/14

Excels in his very sound driving movement. Good head, neck & body make up

Ken Burgess (Dufosee)
Southern Counties 31/5/14
My star of the day. Quality tri dog, maturing well. Good head, level topline, correct tailset,
well developed & strong hindquarters, tight feet. Moved well & showed like a professional. BPD
Patience Walden (Nedlaw)
Boston Premier Open 27/5/14

Good sharp profile, in proportion. Good length of neck.

Good tight feet, nails short.

Well bent stifle, set and carriage of tail.

Head in proportion, medium stop, dark eyes.

Good set and shape of ears.

Balanced gait with plenty of drive from rear.

BP and PG3

Marion Hodgson (Ddalrus)


Edwinstowe 25/5/14

Roy Garner (Chrisandre)


Coventry 18/5/14

Well balanced & mature male, typical head & good dentition,

clean front well under body, good ribbing & strong loin,

uses his quarters well, moved true, tail well set & carried,

in good hard condition & presented well.

BP, BOB, G2 & PG2

Mark Ord


Devon, Cornwall and South East Beagle Society Championship Show 4/5/14

Impressive performance to win this class & be BPD, appealing expression with a very kind eye, dark nose & wide nostril, good depth of brisket, neat feet, impressed by his excellent forequarters angulation & his ground covering movement evident in his profile extension. RBPIS

Linda Powell (Hayapark)


White Rose Canine Society 3/5/14

Lovely 9 month old tri colour male. Nice outline when stacked. Masciline head but still with a soft expression. Pleasing to go over with a good depth of chest and good quarters. Moved out well and held topline on the move. Was pleased to award him best puppy and best of breed and was later pleased to hear he went best puppy in show

Claire Chapman (Balderstone)


HOUND GROUP Two very promising minor puppies battled for the Group. G1 Dawson & Goodall’s Janfrey Randle Upon Rundle, 7 months Beagle. Super headed pup with typical expression, strong jaw & long close lying ears. An ultra sound dog making a very balanced outline for one so young. Cannot stand wrong & looks a picture in profile with tailset correctly & pointing to the sky. Quite faultless on the move which won him Group & automatically Puppy Group. Later went BPIS too;

Nick Gourely (Witchstone)


Best Puppy in Show was the Beagle, Dawson & Goodall’s Janfrey Randal upon Rundle. This eye catching young man never stopped showing. Lovely make and shape. Sound and confident on the move

Shelagh Tolladay (Bethersden)

WELKS 25/4/14
Tri dog with a pleasant head & good forehand, upright tailset.  Moved very well
Mrs D Kenis-Pordham
Eastwood Kennel Association 18/4/14
Carine Buitendach ( South Africa )
Very well balanced young dog, lovely head and appealing expression, very good forehand and tight feet, level topline, deep chest, well muscled hindquarters, moved well with drive and long reaching front. PG1 and HG2
Elaine Stanmore (Altaya )
Hound Associations of Scotland 12/4/14
Lynda Havard ( Annavah )


West Torrington 15/3/14
Kim Ellis (Tenfield)
Yew Tree Match Night 27/3/14

Outstanding movement, love his balance, his stifle and that he has a chest and something behind too, he is completely sound which ever way you look at him. Best Puppy In Match and Best In Match

Ang Wheldon

West Mercia Beagle Club 2/3/14

Quality youngster, well put together, rangier in type than the winner & perhaps more finished, has lovely side gait.

Ruth Lockett-Walters (Ralines)

Wath, West Melton 1/3/14

Smart 7 months old dog, took my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Lovely head of correct proportions, strong neck leading into well placed shoulders, sufficient bone & nice tight feet. Well ribbed with a short loin, well angulated hindquarters, hocks well let down & parallel, moved with purpose & drive keeping a level topline. This youngster should have a bright future ahead. BOB & BP. So Pleased to see him win G1 & PG1

Angie Baxter


Tri Beagle puppy who was automatically PG1, most promising & typical dog of correct size, balance and proprtions, good bone, pleasing front, good body lines & well set stern with well angulated hind quarters, has a lovely stride in profile and has an air of confidence and quality.

David Craig ( Davricard )


Matlock & Dist. 16/2/14

Janfrey Randal, 6½ months tri puppy with a balanced head, kind expression & low set ears. Well laid shoulders & plenty of bone throughout. Hind angulation compliments the front well & there was no compensating in movement which was free & offered good reach & drive in profile. Good for size & one with a promising future I’m sure. Happy to award BP & RBOB

David Knights ( Lelaps )


Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club 8/2/14
Dawson & Goodall’s Janfrey Randal, what a lovely way to start, super tri 6 months old puppy who is just so promising, he has good angles all through, a really lovely backend, level topline, neat feet & is schooled so very well. I liked everything about him, so much so he was not only BPD but my BPIS, I wish his owners lots of success with him.
Michelle Kingsland ( Redcap)